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MSF Organization – Work Abroad without Work Permit | Job Vacancy Abakaliki (Daily Worker) 


MSF Organization – Work Abroad without Work Permit | Job Vacancy Ebonyi State, Abakaliki | Cleaner (Daily Worker) pool

It sounds strange but it’s true, someone can work abroad without working permit,

Earthprex blog have gone deep inside the ocean of scarce employment in the world to serve you the rare information in the world right now.

Medicine sans frontier (Doctors without borders) have a lot of job vacancies around the globe.

Msf as always called are world organization group of people set to elevate people from health hotline issues like Lassa fever, yellow fever and other dangerous diseases and some extent they treat people for free.

It will be detailed if I use my home country as a case study to review the type of work available and the nature of jobs medicine sans frontier offer to humanity. Before that I will like to write a short note concerning medicine sans frontier for more information and understanding.

Msf (medicine sans frontier)

The whole world have come together under one umbrella to discuss the affairs of the world and possible ways to handle those issues serving as threat to humanity and providing adequate solution to problem.

And this urge raised to building a system to actualize such humanitarian act towards humanity by introducing msf organization to the world.

MSF Organization – Work Abroad without Work Permit

Sector operations under msf

  • Health sector
  • Technical engineering
  • Environmental Engineering
  • Adequate Education enrollment
  • Agricultural sector e.t.c

There are into many sectors but few mentioned above to improve humanity and increase natural sustainable development goals.

The organization has many workers all over the world and there are still looking for more workers especially in Africa where you have low to none expert in healthcare and special technical skills.

The good news about this organization is that you don’t need work permit to work in any country of your choice because it has been well taking care of by United Nations authority sponsoring them.

When I told you, you can work without working permit me, you screamed in your mind is a lie when msf have made everything possible and easier.

Let’s quickly throw more light on how msf organization operates in Nigeria and Africa at large.

Nigerian based msf organization.

It’s no trend again that msf group are in Nigeria presently and some other African Countries apart from Nigeria regarded as giant of Africa.

Although only one of their sector operation as described above are present for now, like the health sector.

In their organization chart in Nigeria they have ranking of authorities ranging from field commander also known as FICO, Log manager in charge of the extra curriculum activities been done in the organization and experts which basically are the doctors that works for the organization down to casual temporal staff/workers.

Head of doctors without borders in Nigeria is located at Abuja where most of their experts are instructed to remain indoors because everything they want they believed have been provided and making it hard for a normal human to Know their way about and mode of operation system in Nigeria if not been told from insider.

The msf organization is not a poor organization or low management organization because excess cash have entered into the organization purse from different individuals around the globe for betterment of all.

The good news here is that those cheerful givers do it act of good will and expect nothing in return as most rich people will do and an added support from United Nations savings purse.

The organization is very rich that the commonest staff working with them should be regarded as their home base cleaners are paid a take of (#87,000) Eighty seven thousand naira on every 25th monthly without consideration to person’s academic profile or connection to government as Nigerian organization or individual organization in Nigeria will act.

So imagine on your own how much they pay their drivers, technician, log managers, experts and field coordinator in their organization here in Nigeria.

All over the 36 States in Nigeria they have office and home base for their experts including Ebonyi state Abakaliki where they’re having one of the amazing performance so far in the country and federal government has supported them by building world class standard hospital inside federal teaching hospital Abakaliki to aid help to the noble organization good work all Ebonyians and Nigeria at large.

Laboratory technician job vacancy.

You might be wondering what’s this article all about is about msf or work abroad without work permit.

Yes the truth of the matter is that msf group here in Nigeria and other countries are looking for workers all over the country and there are willing to take good care of your feeding, clothing and shelter plus a good take home paycheck as described above.

This job vacancy is for everyone around the globe and it’s proudly sponsored by msf organization world wide and like I said before the interview and acceptance is highly based on merit because their integrity matters to them more than the job itself, so there’s maximum equal opportunity for all no matter where you are from and your level of qualifications so far as is acceptable to them.

The job is yours is they’re actually find out you merit the job.

Moreover you must not work here in Nigeria, once you’re proven worthy of the job they can choose to send you to any country of their choice depending on their database schedule of the work for that month.

Workingwith this organization is every normal human being goal and dream because they are treating workers as their pride with proper security and adequate standard of living.

You can view the image below to see for yourself a golden opportunity for you without much money to work abroad for work and serious payback check without working permit from the government of the designated country of choice.

Here everything like I said earlier is properly taken care of by the organization msf (medicine sans frontier) also known as doctors without border.

If you think n this post could be useful to your friends in Ebonyi state and abroad please kindly share to them.

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