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Lund University Global Scholarship 2021 for International Students in Sweden

Lund University Global Scholarship 2021 for International Students in Sweden. This is your opportunity to get free scholarship online. It’s now available for you to Apply for the application form. For you to study Abroad like Sweden, Netherlands, UK and other overseas country.

Lund University Global Scholarship

However, for you to be eligible to apply for this scholarship. You must follow our guidelines to apply for the Lund University Global Scholarship 2021 for International.

Lund University Scholarship Description

Lund University in Sweden is delighted to invite applicants for the Lund University sponsorship 2020. This Scholarship for international students is primarily for Undergraduate and Masters students.

Undergraduate and Master’s Scholarship in Sweden for International Students at Lund University, Sweden. Over SEK 14 million (€1.6 million/US $2.1 million) awarded in Lund University Global Scholarship grants.

As a top 100 university and rank in the top 0.4% of universities in the world. Lund University attracts high achieving students from across the globe. The Lund University Global sponsorship seeks to recognise these students. And they did so by awarding academic excellence grants.

  • Country: Sweden
  • Course Level:Undergraduate, Masters
  • Eligible Nation: International
  • Number of Award: Unknown
  • Duration: Annually
  • Deadline: 15th Jan 2021
  • Award can be taken in: Lund University, Sweden

Sponsorship Benefit

  • Scholarship grants may cover 25%, 50%, 75% or up to 100% of the tuition fee. The sponsorship percentage award depends on budget available to the faculty. It has no reflection on the students’ academic level of excellence.
  • Please note that scholarships are toward tuition fees only and that living costs are not covered. Scholarship recipients must still be able to fund their living costs. As per the requirements of the Swedish Migration Board.

Practical ways to get a 100% scholarship Approval

Do You Get the point Now? … here are the list of factors you need to consider when Applying for any Scholarship to study Abroad or any country of your Choice>>>

1. Know where to look

First things first, where do you actually go to find full scholarships? – Most people ending making the Application from a wrong source that is why on this page also we have the direct sponsorship portal for you to proceed with your Application.

2. Prepare in advance

What are the documentation needed? that is the first thing you have to ask your self and more you make them available as recommended.

3. Work hard and keep motivated

Also Follow up your Application for more clarification and to able you gain easy Approval on merit.

4. Make yourself stand out from other applicants

Don’t just do what others are doing but make use what ever you have to do are the right once and more ask questions properly before any form of submission.

5. Read the application instructions carefully

Just as said before now, you have the full idea of the Application when you read the full instruction and try to visit after reading for easy understanding.

6. Submit an exceptional scholarship essay or cover letter

This well help you a lot in gaining the award on merit.

7. Be realistic

It’s okay and safe that you make your registration with your real and legal details which is what we have on this part to make your award claiming easy for you.


To be eligible to apply for a scholarship you must adhere to the following criteria:

  • You must be a citizen of a country from outside the EU/EEA. And are required to pay a tuition fee
  • You have applied for Bachelor’s or Master’s level studies in the regular application. rounds for a minimum of one semester of study (30 ECTS)

How to Apply

To apply for a Lund University Global Scholarship. you must meet this:

  • You must first apply for the program
  • website,, during the application period.
  • Once you have made a complete application to a degree at least 30 ECTS credits. And paid the application fee, you will be able to apply for the scholarship.
  • As part of this online application, you need to upload your scholarship.
  • should explain why your academic performance and reasons for applying to Lund University 
  • You can only apply for one Lund University Global Scholarship per free-standing course.


However, it is still possible for you to apply to other scholarships. such as the Swedish Institute scholarships. For more detail and Registration  follow the Official Website.

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