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Internship in UK for International students across the Globe

Internship in UK is absolutely among the best as students gets to pick up the opportunity to secure good and lucrative jobs that will pay them well in the future. In other words, Internships are a great way to gain direct experience of working, It’s also a great way to test out the type of job you think you may like to do when you graduate from the institution you applied for.

An internship in England provides opportunities for college students and recent graduates to stand out among job seekers.

As a matter of fact, United Kingdom is ranked as the sixth-largest economy in the world, however it is more than ever, a perfect destination for students looking to do intern abroad.

Part of UK (England) has always been a popular tourist destination due to its rich history, diverse culture, and amazing current events.

Students Internship journey in UK

Internships is just a good offer and every international scholars should always dream of this when they enter school or before they get there.

Therefore, intern offers students an opportunity to meet employers who often use internships to assess a student’s capability for a job.

On the educational sector, there are student internships and graduate internships. So it’s a good idea to apply for internships in fields that you really have an interest or experience for.

This absolutely shows that student internship are for students during the summer or other holidays especially when they are still studying in the school. However, Graduate internships are internships that are taken by students who have graduated from their university or college course and are gaining valuable experience in their chosen field.

Due to student’s performance, Internships can be used to recruit employees from the interns they do rather than advertise their vacancies.

UK Internships in England can be found in a range of fields such as business, technology, economics, communications, and politics.

England is also in a central location to Europe, providing an opportunity to take holiday trips to see more amazing countries.

This can be from the capital city London Eye, also visit the Football Museum in Manchester, or visit the moody coast in Brighton.

Why Applicants (scholars) need Internship

As a scholar, when you undertake an internship, you will get to:

  • Increase your skills and knowledge.
  • Improve your understanding of a particular job or industry.
  • give you real work examples to use in future job interviews.
  • Gain an insight into the way organisations operate.
  • show you roles lacking and you may not have previously seen.
  • Know the physical challenges the organization faces.
  • network connect flow.

Also, Internships provide you with the opportunity to get to acquire unique experience in your chosen field as well as experience.

Internships fosters connection or interaction with employer as a chance to meet each other and you can state if the type of work is good for you.

The benefits of internships 

  • Income
  • Travel or lunches that are subsidized
  • Attendance at company training courses
  • A reference from your supervisor for future job applications.

FAQS (internship in UK)

Are there any Paid Internships in the UK?

Affirmative! It’s true that unpaid internships are more common than paid internships, however you can secure a paid internship if you do your research well.

Many top companies offer students a sizable stipend to intern with them and this makes students have the belief to work in companies.

Recently, many small businesses have also started offering students a paid UK internship. If you’re wondering about how to apply for an internship in the UK, make sure you research well.

Can International Students do Internships?

Yes, international students can do internships many universities in the UK allow and encourage students to do an internship.

This is possible as long as it does not take up more than a third of their studies. But students need to meet a few criteria in order to understand how to find an internship.

Note: part-time postgraduate student are not allowed to do an internship, acceptable scholars are those with course below degree level and tier 4 sponsor has probationary sponsor status.

What is the Duration of an internship?

The duration will depend on the sector you have chosen and of course the employer as well. The length of an internship can be from a few weeks during the summer to a year.

The disparity in intern sections is that student internships tend to be shorter in length than graduate internships therein.

This is absolutely of the sole reason that student are still studying towards their degree. However, for some jobs, passing through the intern phase is a normal process in recognition  to the professional level.

In the UK, internships may be accredited or formally acknowledged by professional training organisations that you engage in.

Can I Do An Internship that is different from My Studies?

This is critical but is possible that you can be a full-time University student and apply for an internship in the UK that isn’t related to your studies.

However you are allowed to work only part-time during the term (up to 20 hours a week).

Points to Review on when seeking an Internships in the UK

To find internships in the UK:

  • Search for internships on this site
  • Take a look at our employer profiles to see what opportunities the organisations offer.
  • Speak to your careers service.
  • Try your own network of family and friends to see what connections they have.
  • Communicate with potential employers via social media platforms like Twitter, Facebook and LinkedIn
  • contact companies speculatively.
  • Find ways on how to ask employers for work experience.

Practical steps to find internships in the UK

  1. In UK you can find internships on a number of sites that specialize in internship recruitment.
  • Prospects provides careers advice on job and course opportunities for students and graduates.
  • It aims to help students and graduates to make good choices about their career.
  • Graduate Talen Pool is a government website that is designed to help new and recent graduates find internships in all sectors.

2. If you’re looking for international internships, you seek for:

  • CRCC Asia – Internships is a leading provider of internships with prominent Chinese and multinational companies in Beijing.  In fields like: finance, business, marketing and much more.
  • AIESEC UK – is an organisation that facilitates international student exchanges through paid trainee-ships and other schemes.
  • City Internships – The Internship is a leading provider of internship programs that are structured and take place in the world’s greatest cities.
  • Get into China is an internship provider in China for students, graduates and career-changers.  It provides internships ranging from one to three months.  Available in: accountancy, business and finance, education, health, HR, media and travel.
  • Intern Options is a specialist UK-based internship company that focuses solely on work placements and internship opportunities in Australia and New Zealand.
  • Stand-Out is a provider of internships and professional development training in Hong Kong. There are internships available: finance, law, engineering, fashion, marketing, journalism, graphic design, hospitality and consultancy.
  • Intern Jobs provides a global database of internships and entry-level positions for students, graduates and career changers.

Alternative ways for international students to get internships

There are a number of ways to get yourself an internship. international students can follow the steps below…

1. Ratemyplacement

Ratemyplacement gives you all the information you could possibly need regarding undergraduate summer internships. The website contains helpful information like top internship jobs, reviews written by students. Also it contains employee information and an advice page containing all the information you could ever want to know in your career.

2. Milkround

Another site is Milkround, The UK’s most widely used student and graduate job website. On here you will find thousands of graduate jobs, schemes and internships around the UK. As well as giving you access to loads of great job opportunities.

3. TARGET Jobs

Target Jobs is a really easy website to move through and posts numerous graduate job opportunities and internships. It is a great place to keep up to date with various events from different sectors and studies. It covers careers advice which covers interview techniques and questions. 

4. E4s

The E4s is an Employment 4 students or a student-specific job site where you can find part-time and holiday jobs, temporary and gap year jobs.

5. Student Circus

Student circus was founded by two former international students and offers a niche job portal for omternational students. Most jobs listed on the Student circus website are from UK employers willing to sponsor.

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