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Internship in Canada for International Students across the Globe

All international students who wish to study in Canada, get an internship in Canada and probably work in one of the best companies or organization in Canada can do so perfectly. All you need is to know the right tome to start applying for that, however this post will give you a quick info on what the internship in Canada is all about. Academic programs provide a unique opportunity for international students to take a paid or unpaid internship in Canada. Fields ranges from International Business, Engineering, Marketing, Environmental Technology, Travel & Tourism etc.

As an international student Canada is a bilingual nation, with French and English as its two languages spoken in all parts of the country.

However, other languages scattered throughout Canada include Cantonese, Italian, German, Punjabi, and Spanish.

Canada is a popular country filled with great opportunities for interns, they can present their resume and compete in a global job market.

Students can travel internationally to gain new skills and work experience in a variety of industries like architecture, engineering, hospitality, IT, and marketing.

Therefore international students will need to improve your English and French language skills, they can engage in Canadian culture, make friendships and business connections.

Remember that your internship experience in Canada will be a great addition to your resume because you will make new professional connections.

The Student Canada Internship

Canada is one of the world’s largest economies and trading nations, it is seen as one of the top areas for internships abroad.

The country provides generous benefits to its workforce, interns the best of treatment during their internship in in the country.

The high cost of living in Canada larger cities may not be easily handled for those who obtain unpaid internships in Canada.

Just like students are happy that they have the opportunity to learn two languages, this can however turn out to be a problem. Interns should be sure they know which language is most commonly spoken in the area they want to study before applying.

Some companies offer free meals and accommodation, on top of monetary compensation to scholars on basis on paid internship.

One can say that international students enjoy very well in internship that the company always settles with. Payment can range from $300 to $500 per week.

To select best areas in Canada, students will also select good climate across the country when selecting an internship program in Canada,

Internships in Canada usually last for six months to one year, but the length varies depending on the field the student chooses.

Reasons why International Students go for intern in Canada

  • Canada is a large economy and trading nation.
  • Explore amazing features in Canada because of it’amazing cities and landscapes.
  • quality Safe, modern and multicultural cities.
  • Improvement in education & apply research knowledge
  • Gain valuable work experience.
  • Flexible and merit internship placements.
  • Well developed technology, engineering and environmental industries.
  • Network, network, network connections.

General requirements for Internship in Canada for International

To secure internship, candidate must be from an eligible country before applying. Each country has its own process and requirements for internship. However, just know that you must hold a valid passport from one of those countries.  The requirements are:

  • Candidate must be between 18 and 35 years old.
  • Hold a valid passport from one of the International Experience Canada countries.
  • Being registered as a student during your internship period.
  • Have a certificate proficiency level of English.
  • This is important so you can complete your internship interview and communicate with other workers.

Eligible Countries in the International Experience Canada Program

Costa Rica
Czech Republic
Hong Kong
Korea, Rep.
New Zealand
San Marino
United Kingdom

FAQS Internship in Canada for International Students

Do I need a work permit to do my internship in Canada?

If applicant country has an agreement with Canada, then you need a work permit to do an internship in Canada. So how do you do this? You will need to explain to the host company how the application process works. This is because you will need their assistance when applying for the internship visa.

What are the risks of doing my internship in Canada with no internship work permit?

This is an important question because you can be sent back home upon arrival and risk being admitted to Canada in years to come.

Canada’s regulations do not allow you to work in a paid or unpaid level without the proper work permit. Therefore, You must follow the rules set by the Government of Canada. please do not take the risk so that you will have good chances of getting what you want.

How long is the process to get an internship in Canada?

The proper time to prepare for your internship in Canada at least four months before you would like to arrive to the country.

This is because the visa application process can take up to eight (8) weeks. And you can only start your visa process once you have an internship offer.

What is the best time to apply for an internship in Canada?

Note that the number of internship visas available to each country is limited not as very big as you think. There is an opportunity to try again if you did not get the first ones you attempt for.

At the end of each year, the International Experience Canada program makes the permits available throughout the spring and closes again by the end of the summer.

Are there any paid internship positions in Canada?

The host company is the one in charge here and will fund the whole payment. The company is also required to pay a fee to the Canadian Government so you can work for them.

They will make arrangement to bring you to Canada and train you, also be willing to do this entire process and also pay you. However, this might occur only if you have a highly qualified and technical background.

Can I choose the company for my internship or will the company choose me?

Note that internship is just like getting a job. Even though this is an unpaid internship, it doesn’t mean you get to choose the company.

Therefore, to proceed with that, you will need to go through all the stages of a regular hiring process and be chosen by the company.

Category Internship Canada Programs

Student Internship Program

Academic internship placement for international students. This is an elevation with an internship related to your field of study. Internships are available in engineering, IT, finance, advertising, marketing, finance, fashion, human resources, trade, media.

Career Development Program

It is internships for international students & young adults with some previous professional work experience. Compliment your career with an internship in Canada in engineering, network admin, web & mobile application, marketing, hospitality management.

Internship in Canada for International Students

This is the unique opportunity for international students to take a paid or unpaid internship in Canada. Interning fields are: Engineering, Marketing, Environmental Technology, International Business, Travel & Tourism and many more.

Externship in Canada

Providing opportunities for young students to see if their current career path is right for them. A career discovery tool that allows you to get a preview on what your future in that career might look like.

Work Permits for Your Internship in Canada

Taking an internship in Canada is a great way to develop your skills to take part in an internship in Canada. First, you will need to apply (and be approved) for a work permit. These permits are available for young adults from many different countries, however not all nationalities can apply.

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