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How to create content that can build your business and get you sales without you coming off as Sleazy .

You are working really hard every day to put your content out there.​

very day you are spending hours trying to figure out the best content you can post that gets engagement.​

But you always find yourself chasing your audience to get you sale.

mayb​e you get some people showing interest in your product, but then they stop responding to you when you follow up and become cold to your offer again.​.

If you can relate to this, then you are probably not able to establish the connection, relatability and trust that actually gets you the Sale.​

So, the real question is

How to create content that actually connect to your audience that establishes trust and relatability.


Here’s one thing that I learned about marketing. The reason why people buy from you is not because of your product but its ​ because they love you.

While offering value establishes credibility, sharing stories make people fall in love with you.​

Here I am going to share with you some KILLER tips that you can use right away to create STORY DRIVEN CONTENTS.

Facts tell stories sell 

The reason we tell stories in our marketing, either your own story or someone else’s story is because people are highly responsive to stories

You can use the element of storytelling, to a get people to know like and trust you.​

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Create relatability and actually connect to you.​

It’s also going to help you sell your products, you can angle your story to make offers without sounding Sleazy.​

How do you find your stories?

​Now you may be sitting there thinking, I don’t even have one story. I don’t have a story; I promise you that you do.​

Go through your life timeline, from your earliest childhood memories, write out your stories and you’re going to find all these little stories.​

​All these life experiences that you haven’t shared with your audience yet, you want to start sharing these details about you to create the relatability.​

You are a wealth of experience and knowledge. If you’ve lived it all you’ve you’ve gotten, you’ve got some experiences under your belt


​One online story formula

Here is a simple one sentence story formula to start off with:​

where you where at and where you are now and how did you get there

You were maybe broke, struggling with a low paying job, and now maybe you are having a life of freedom and abundance

​PASA Story formula Problem.

You’re establishing the problem that you had .

When you’re telling your audience your problem, other people with the same problem will go.

“​I hear you! Me too. I get that I have the same problem”


Then you are going to agitate the problem. You’re going to say other things to really drill in home the pain that this problem was causing you to feel.


Part three of your story post is you presenting a solution.​

You present the solution that you found which maybe your business opportunity, or the course that you’ve created or your product.

Call To Action

And then finally you can occasionally end the post with a Call to action. i.e. what exactly can your reader do right now to immediately solve the problem.​

But it is not even necessary, It’s about creating that relatability and planting the seeds of curiosity, that’s all you need.​

Keep in mind if you’ve got too many calls to action in your posts, the Facebook will call that baiting and they will stop showing your posts to people.​

Bonus Tip 

Bouns Tip #1: put the elements of emotion

You have got to put emotion in your story post. You would want people to almost cry for themselves or while they’re reading it.​

If there’s no emotion, you’re not emotionally triggering anyone to want to connect with you for information about what you’re talking about.​

And the easiest way to do this is by writing out each section the extreme details. ​

It should vividly paint a picture in their head as if it is happening right in front of them.

​Bouns Tip #2: you must have a strong hook

If your first sentence doesn’t intrigue people enough to read through your post, you’re wasting time. ​

It must be so intriguing that it makes people hang around to find out what you don’t talk about.​

It’s got to make people go,​

​Oh oh my god, what is this about? I need to find out

Bonus Tip #3: just start writing

Be okay with not being great at writing in the beginning.​

It takes time to create a story post.​

🔱And I promise you this, the more you do it, the better you’re going to get at storytelling, the better you’re going to get at writing and the shorter time it will take.​

​Bonus Tip #4:  you want to write the way people speak

Have you ever read something that an English prof is written?

​You don’t need to be using all these big fancy words. You want to use short, concise, clear sentences.​

Don’t get all poetic and flowery. If people have to read a sentence three times to know what the heck you’re trying to say. You’re losing them

You want to write in a way that say, a seven year old could read your post and understand what you’re saying.​

​Bonus Tip #5: Do not do a story post as one paragraph ever

Nobody has that much of an attention span to read through one big paragraph chunk.​

You may not need as many emojis as I do, but you definitely need to space out the sentence.

Also, if you’re not in the habit of using punctuation in your writing, no one can read it.

It sounds like a small detail. But it’s not. It’s really important. Think of the impression you’re giving to people.

So, there you go!​

Start connecting to your audience, build relatability and make them fall in love with you using these killer tips.​

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