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How to Create a New Channel on Telegram – Android, iPhone & Desktop

Communication is the sole part that makes life easy and sweet, meaning that with Communication the world will always be so easy for you to travel round in the hours if not minutes; Therefore, on this page How to Create a New Channel on Telegram for your  Android, iPhone & Desktop devices and here are the full deals.

This tutorial teaches to Register a new channel on telegram, telegram is one of the leading instant messaging platforms. You can use telegram to build your customer base and increase sales. Unlike WhatsApp that allows only 200 persons, with telegram there is an unlimited possibility for members.

At the initial stage, you can manually add up to 200 members; then others can be joined through the public or private link.

In case you are new to telegram and looking for a tutorial to learn how to create a telegram channel. Follow the below steps to start your own channel now. This guide teaches you how to create a Telegram channel on Android, iPhone or Windows and manage it.

How to Create a Telegram Channel

There are three different ways to create a channel on Telegram; Android, iPhone and Windows. Keep the above points in your mind while creating your channel and follow the below guide.

Meanwhile, before we proceed with this Tutorial on How to Create a New Channel on Telegram , we need talk about the Features of Telegram as a means of Communication:

Features of Telegram

12 Useful Telegram Features You Should Be Using
  • Use More Than One Phone Number.
  • Upload Multiple Profile Pictures.
  • Try Secret Chats.
  • Customize the Look of Telegram.
  • Utilize Telegram Bots.
  • Enable Auto-Night Mode.
  • Mute Contacts and Groups.
  • Share Your Live Location.

Now, we can proceed on the steps you need to create a successful Telegram account and Channel inclusive:

Register a Telegram Channel on Android

1. Open Telegram app on your Android device

2. Tap the Pencil icon and choose “New Channel.”

3. Now tap on “CREATE CHANNEL” option

4. Put a Channel nameDescription and tap on the Tick button.

5. Now choose from Public Channel or Private Channel.

If you choose Public, then you’ll have to give a username that can be shared publicly, and one can easily find it by typing the username. Or, if you choose Private, then you’ll get a private joining link. People can use this link to join your channel.

6. After that, tap on the Tick button and select the members to add to your channel. Once selected, tap on the Tick button. You are done!

Create a Telegram Channel on iPhone

1. Open Telegram app on your iOS device.

2. Go to Chats tab, tap the “New Message” icon in the top-right corner and choose “New Channel” option.

3. Now tap on “CREATE CHANNEL” option and follow the above steps like the Android one.

Create a Channel on Telegram Desktop

1. Open Telegram software on your Windows or Mac computer

2. Click on the “Burger” menu in the top-left corner and choose “New Channel” option.

3. After that, follow from the 4th step like the Android tutorial.

By following these above steps, you can easily Register a Telegram channel on Android, iPhone, Windows and Mac computers. If you have any question regarding Telegram channel creation, then you can leave your message below. Be sure you will get an immediate reply.

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