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Desmond Tutu Church of Scotland Scholarship: The Fully Funded church of Scotland Masters Scholarship

The Desmond Tutu Church of Scotland scholarship is one of the best and fully funded scholarship in Scotland for qualified African students who wish to upgrade their academic portfolios and gain more knowledge on their chosen course of study.Therefore, African scholars can now travel to Scotland and take up a 1 year master’s scholarship course.

More about Desmond Tutu Church of Scotland Overview

So lets break it down a little about the Desmond tutu scholarship so that it will be really easy for those that wants to apply today.

As a matter of fact, the scholarship was on total set up in the year 2009 in order to honor and appreciate Reverend Desmond Tutu. Yes, I guess we all know or have heard of Desmond tutu, but today you will also learn of His beneficial scholarship for mostly African students.

So this amazing award was given to TUTU “Honorary Degree of Doctor of Divinity” by the university for his humble behavior and more.

In addition to that, Desmond Tutu spoke of the historic links between Africa and the University of Edinburgh. This is the speech He made during the graduation ceremony and award ceremony.

As we all know, the scholarship will be awarded to a student from Africa who is accepted on a full-time basis for a one year. This one year course will be in postgraduate Masters programme of of their choice to study.

The study programme will be within the School of Divinity because it has the official endorsement from the General Secretary or Principal Clerk of their Church.

Therefore the university is just one of the best linking the university with the rest of the world. The first black physicians were people who had trained there.

However, the Application Deadline is5th April 2021. Therefore students must be able to meet up with the scholarship requirements and also be able to submit before deadline approaches.

Scholarship qualities and benefits

Below are the good qualities and things each African scholarship student will gain as they are selected into the program.

Let’s look at the benefits below…

  • Visa prize: Visa costs
  • Airfare: One return airfare
  • Tuition fee: Full overseas tuition fee
  • Living expenses: Accommodation within a Church of Scotland flat within Edinburgh
  • Cost of living: £500 per calendar month for living costs
  • Insurance from Church of Scotland business travel, underwritten by Aviva.

You must know that the given award will be for the duration of one academic year. Furthermore, applicants must bear in mind that is not for undergraduate studies must master’s alone.

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Eligible Countries: African countries.

Eligible Churches: candidates must be a member of a Church of Scotland partner church in Africa before they will be considered eligible for the scholarship.

Application Deadline: 5th April 2021.

To be taken at (country): University of Edinburgh, Scotland, UK.

Eligible Field of Study: Master’s programme of study within the School of Divinity.

Sponsors: University of Edinburgh, UK

Type of scholarship: Masters

Number of Scholarships: 1 for each candidate.

Duration of Scholarship: 1 academic year.

Eligibility Criteria (Desmond Tutu Church of Scotland Scholarship)

The Desmond Tutu scholarship will be given to students from Africa who ave been selected and accepted on the program.

The selected students will have the opportunity for a full-time basis on a one year postgraduate Masters programme study. This is of course within the School of Divinity.

Therefore, the Shortlisted candidates will require to have the official endorsement from the General Secretary or the Principal Clerk of their Church.

Candidates must be a member of a Church of Scotland partner church in Africa. Below are the registered Eligible partner churches are:

  • Presbyterian Church of East Africa
  • Synod of the Nile of the Evangelical Church of Egypt
  • Church of Central Africa Presbyterian
  • Evangelical Presbyterian Church, Ghana
  • Presbyterian Church of Ghana
  • Igreja Evangelica de Cristo em Mocambique
  • Presbyterian Church of Nigeria
  • Presbyterian Church of South Sudan
  • Uniting Presbyterian Church of Southern Africa
  • The Programme of Christian Muslim Relations in Africa’
  • United Church of Zambia.

Achievements from the Scholarship 

  • Applicants should already have been offered a place at the University and should have firmly accepted that offer or be intending to do so.
  • The scholarship will be awarded to a student from Africa who is accepted on a full-time basis for a postgraduate Masters programme of study within the School of Divinity.
  • Furthermore, scholarship will be awarded broadly on the basis of academic merit with candidates requiring a Bachelor Degree equivalent to a UK first class or 2:1 Honours degree.
  • In addition to the above academic qualifications, the selection panel will also take into account the financial circumstances of applicants. This is to ensure that as far as possible a student’s financial situation does not impede a university education.

How to can students apply for the Desmond Tutu scholarship in UK

So far so good, if you have followed up this post directly from the beginning them you must have gotten important info on this scholarship, now let us look at how to apply for the scholarship.

  • Please note you will not be able to access the online application form unless you have applied for admission to the University of Edinburgh.
  • The online scholarship application form is located in EUCLID and can be accessed via MyEd our web based information portal at
  • When logging in to MyEd, you will need your University User Name and password. If you require assistance, please go to
  • Visit scholarship webpage for details;


The Desmond tutu scholarship is mostly for Africans to help improve more on their quest for knowledge. the scholarship came to existence on the popular and renowned humble man called Desmond Tutu. All applicants must follow up the necessary requirements and the steps involved. You can also find more information by visiting the official site fr the university offering the scholarship.

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