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Delete Instagram Messages Permanently – Instagram Messages Securety Key guide

All you need to do now is to learn the tricks on how you can Delete Instagram Messages Permanently on your account. Sometimes, most messages are annoying and does not deserve to be there on that page.

Sometimes there are messages that happens by mistake while some happens and we do not want a friend or close person to find out and read them. You can easily get rid of many messages and more if you read this post carefully.

The post will lecture you more on how to permanently Delete Instagram messages from your phone to avoid more problems.

Moreover , Instagram as we know is a site for uploading photos, videos and even adverts for your friends to view and comment.

Notice that Instagram program has one message feature called an Instagram Direct. This is where users chat, send, and receive messages directly.

Anyways, using this direct messages platform more often can cause the message box to get filed up and when it does, it may prevent the upcoming ones from showing.

Therefore, on getting to this level all you need is the need to release some space. In this post, I will show you how to permanently Delete Instagram messages.

Instagram Messages

 The Instagram direct messages is a medium where users can text, send, and receive messages with their followers.

Moreover, It is one of the unique features of Instagram. However, you can use these features to reply to a friend’s story thereby having a fast interaction with the person.

Furthermore, Using the direct always can lead to the inbox being full. Whatever be your reasons to delete your Instagram messages permanently is your choice.

Finally, On your Instagram, you can delete messages permanently either by deleting the whole conversation. You can also do this by unsending features of Instagram.

Can I Delete All Direct messages At Once?

Note that: Instagram does not allow users to delete all messages at once. However, You cannot even try to force it by using different medium like third-party apps.

To delete all messages on Instagram you have to do that manually and that should be one after the other until the end.

How To Delete Instagram Messages Permanently

Take a look below at the guide for you to Permanently delete your Instagram messages from your iPhone or Android device with these steps:

  • Enter into your Instagram app on your phone device.
  • Move to the top right hand side of the page and click on the Instagram Direct symbol, which is like a small paper.
  • Move down and up to find the messages you want to delete.
  • Tap on “Delete on the message”. A pop-up message will appear demanding that you confirm to delete the message.
  • Tap on “Delete” the second time to remove the message completely.

Note that when you delete messages directly from your inbox, it does not delete your Friends messages as well.

The conversation is still live with your friend on the other side. They can still have their own in their inbox except they remove from their inbox too.

However, another fast way of deleting Instagram messages is by unsending a message. On Instagram deleting Direct, it’s better than deleting all your messages.

How Delete Instagram Messages Permanently By Unsending Them

Simply follow these steps below to Permanently delete Instagram messages by unsending them quickly.

  • Enter the Instagram app on your phone.
  • Go to the Instagram Direct inbox by tapping on the plane symbol at the right hand of the page.
  • Go ahead by searching for the message that you want to unsend.
  • If it appears, then click it open.
  • Tap and hold the conversation you want to unsend lightly.
  • The option to Copy or Unsend will then
  • Tap on the unsend and the message will disappear from the message box.
  • On using this feature, the person you are sending messages to will seethe massages notification when you unsend a message.

Delete Instagram Direct message using Autoclicker.

An Autoclicker is one of the Android tools that helps you to sideswipe and repeat on the app screen. This app is very awesome.

However, Let see to use it to delete Direct messages on Instagram.

  • Enter the Instagram app.
  • Enter the Autoclicker app.
  • Tap on the “Enable” on the multi Targets Mode. This will activate multiple points to click
  • In your Instagram app, get your direct messages.
  • Tap and hold the green + icon to create a swipe point, a round circle, that you can tap and drag.
  • Move the second circle into the first circle, we are informing Autoclicker to tap and hold.
  • Tap on the circle to show the settings dialog for the swipe
  • In your Instagram, tap and hold on the first messages to actually move the process forward for you.

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Continue doing it like that until you delete all direct messages with autoclicker. Follow us through your Email address, if free and easy.

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