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Boston University LLM Degrees: Boston University School of Law (BU Law) LLM Degree Program



Are you a student interested in studying law? Do you wish to attend one of the prestigious Boston university to study law (Boston University LLM Degrees)? Boston university provides superior LLM teaching available to experienced practitioners who are unable to attend traditional, nine-month residential programs. The University (BU Law) is one of America’s most distinguished law schools providing LLM studies that can lead qualified students to prepare for US state bar exams. BU Law’s Graduate Programs are respected by employers around the world and can transform your professional standing. BU Law offers a full-time JD degree, five LLM & master’s degrees, and 16 dual degrees, it is for a self legal training in a number of fields.

Boston University LLM Degrees

Their learning experience is superior instruction for applying to LLM and master’s degree programs, as well as the Legal English Certificate Program.

LLM student support is one of the best to deliver academic and professional support to meet the professional goals of each student.

The school has top ranked faculty comprising of preeminent scholars and accomplished practitioners who are accessible & approachable.

Furthermore, students are taught by one of America’s best legal teaching faculties, and supported by dedicated program staff.

So, if you still have interest in BU Law’s LLM and master’s degree programs then read up this article for more information.

Core Detail Information on the BU LLM Programs (Boston University LLM Degrees)

Founded in 1872, Boston University School of Law is located in the heart of Boston and housed in the ultra-modern Sumner M. Redstone Building and Law Tower.

It is a law school with a dynamic community of students, quality faculties, staff, and alumni united in the pursuit of excellence.

The superior value of a BU Law degree is recognized worldwide with unique combination of educational, cultural, financial activity that attracts thousands of students each year.

BU Law difference begins in the classroom blending theory with practice, and committed to helping you raise your professional standing to new heights.

BU is a recognized institution of higher education and research with more than 33,000 students from 50 states and 130 countries.

They have complete devotion to students academically, professionally, and individually with a superior instruction, real-world preparation, and professional achievement.

Dynamic learning environment with over 200+ classes and seminars, 20+ clinics and externships, and 20 study abroad opportunities.

Furthermore, BU Law professors experience is superior teaching and a supportive, engaging learning environment nationally acclaimed for their legal skills, scholarship, and activities in the public and private sectors.

Learn about the admissions process for these programs by following the official links in the official website of BU Law.

Global Network of the LLM BU Law Community

Achievements is of global network of global alumni accomplished attorneys who remain a part of the BU Law community long after graduation.

Boston University Alumni Clubs is global with international associations and LLM graduates are among the most highly recruited by global firms and corporations.

Also, they have a global alumni network of highly accomplished attorneys who remain a part of the BU Law community long after graduation.

Finally, a global network of nearly 25,000 alumni and a robust Career Development & Public Service Office sounds as a remarkable career success.

LLM Programs Additional Scholarships (Boston University LLM Degrees)

  • Kikuchi Scholars.
  • Master in the Study of Tax Law Scholar.
  • LLM Leadership Program.
  • Frederic C. Corneel Scholarship.
  • Compliance Innovators Program.

Scholarship Awards for Current Students

  • Legal English Certificate Program Merit Award
  • Part-Time Merit Award

LLM and Master’s Degree Programs

There are various categorical programs available, here below you get to read some of the most important programs and their details…

LLM in Intellectual Property Law Program

Intellectual Property Law program builds upon national reputation in intellectual property law a that secures U.S. and foreign-trained students.

It is also helps or enables studies not only the core topics of copyright, patents and trademark and unfair competition, but also to explore advanced, specialized topics through an expansive range of electives in such cutting-edge fields. Provides the opportunity to learn advanced IP theory and doctrine from some of the top IP scholars in the world.

Students also participate in the spring semester Intellectual Property Workshop Seminar, where they discuss and react to the scholarly works-in-progress of America’s leading IP academics.

Graduate Tax Program (Boston University LLM Degrees)

LLM tax program, established in 1959 equips you with good quality practical skills required for success in the field of taxation.

An LLM in Taxation degree from BU Law is valued by employers all over the world ranking among the country’s top seven LLM in taxation programs. This is of course in the annual TaxTalent survey of corporate tax department heads.

BU Law’s renowned  is now available through online instruction, enabling practitioners to receive either fundamental or advanced training in tax law in a convenient, accessible format.

The format accommodates the hectic schedules of active practitioners who otherwise would not be able to attend the BU Law’s traditional, residential program.

LLM in American Law Program

LLM in American Law Program is a one-year, full-time graduate law program for global practitioners seeking to learn how US lawyers think, approach legal programs.

These include important fields such as intellectual property and corporate law, and fundamental topics such as contracts, civil procedure and constitutional law.

LLM in American Law Program students learn first-hand about how American lawyers are trained to analyze and address legal problems.

They also have the opportunity to select from 200+ courses when creating your individualized study plan. Students can pursue specialized concentrations in the important areas of International Business Practice, Intellectual Property and Taxation.

Finally, this is the ideal program for the aspiring corporate lawyer also known as business lawyer or commercial lawyer.

Graduate Program in Banking & Financial Law

Financial services LLM program quips you with the knowledge and skills needed to handle the regulatory, transactional and compliance needs of financial services.

This program remains the only financial services LLM program in the country with its own faculty and a curriculum designed exclusively for graduate study.

The program is ideal for lawyers who wish to pursue advanced training in financial services in Banking and Financial Law degree.

The LLM in Banking & Financial Law is now offered in an online format  and students can complete the program in  two semesters of full-time study.

Master in the Study of Tax Law (Boston University LLM Degrees)

Master in the Study of Tax Law provides or designed to provide foundational tax law training to aspiring and current accountants, auditors, and other business professionals.

They also equip students with the practical skills required for success in the field of taxation and provide foundational tax law training to professionals without a law degree. It is the first opportunity for those without a law degree to earn a master’s degree taking courses offered by the Graduate Tax Program.

Students have access to one of the most comprehensive curricula for advanced tax studies in the country.

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