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Internship in Germany for International Students across the Globe



Many students will not think it twice to admit having a feeling or making the right choice to choose Germany as the destination for their studies and internship, there are so much benefits and a lot of out pouring knowledge for all scholars both far and wide and also for those who would probably love to go on adventure once in a lifetime, therefore one could ask; how do i become a scholar in Germany and enjoy all the benefits? this is simply why you go for that course that offers you an internship in Germany as an international student.

Germany is an affordable choice that allows interns to gain professional skills while also offering low-cost education for all. Germany  has a strong economy and a recognized business and tech scene, low cost internships.

In addition to that, there are benefits on  housing options, delicious and cheap street food, and more museums and castles than you can ever hope for.

Taking up an internship abroad, one can think of: What kind of work experience can you expect to gain? What are the main industries in your chosen country? Will you get college credit? And perhaps most importantly, can you afford it?

What is an internship?

Internship is that service or commitment you work for several weeks or months or years in an institution or business and gain practical experience being paid or not.

They are a useful way of finding out whether you are really suited to your course of study and chosen career lasting between two months and one year. The exact length depends on the study regulations for your course, your own personal wishes and those of your employer.

Good attributes of an internship?

  • It usually lasts at least two to three months to one year.
  • Work on specific projects and perform tasks which are appropriate to the qualifications you will obtain through your course.
  • An internship plan is prepared for you.
  • You have a supervisor who instructs you. In this way, you learn a lot without having to assume sole responsibility.
  • You get to know different areas or departments in your company/institution.

Germany Internship Journey

The German language is the most spoken native language in the continent of Europe and among the widely spoken languages in the world.

Internships are both beneficial and valuable. They show you what the professional world is like and what you can expect upcoming.

An internship in Germany is what will complete the practical aspect of your degree and will significantly boost your employing chances.

This is why potential employers, scope for those candidates who have a relevant experience in their study fields they have choose.

There are both national and international recognized companies eager to hire young and ambitious students or newly graduates.

Internship in Germany will be a life-changing experience, you can already gain your first work experience during your studies and also make useful contacts in professional life.

This article gives a complete guide with relevant information about the of internships that are available in Germany and ways to secure them.

FAQS Internship in Germany

How long should an internship last?

This can be two months between two semesters or even five to six months, they could even replace a complete semester.

Are internships in Germany paid?

If it is the case of compulsory internships, the company is not obliged to pay you a salary because the internship is is a mandatory.

Most times students receive a kind of compensation if they stay in the company for four to six months gaining more experience.

However, on voluntary internships, the situation is a bit different, Interns are subject to the Minimum Wage which can be 9.50 euros gross per hour. Companies in Germany may pay intern up to  800 to 1,200 euros per month.

What rules apply to international students seeking an internship in Germany?

Students from other EU countries can do a mandatory internship in Germany as part of their studies. This also applies to international non-EU students who are enrolled at a German university. With a student visa you are allowed to work 120 days full-time or 240 days half-time in Germany.

What Type of Visa Do I Need to do an Internship in Germany?

Applying for an internship German university and would like to do an internship in Germany, then you need to apply for a type C visa. If the duration is longer than 3 months then a type D visa, known as the German National Visa.

Do I need a visa to do an internship in Germany?

The following documents are required to apply for an internship visa in Germany:

  • Valid Passport
  • The Permission to Work in Germany (issued by the Bundesagentur fur Arbeit)
  • Approval Letter from Your Employer in Germany
  • Educational Qualification
  • Proof of Health Insurance
  • Proof of Financial Resources
    You will need to prove to the German consulate authorities that you have enough financial resources to live in Germany for at least one year.
  • Proof of Accommodation in Germany

Some internships in Germany

IES Internships

Linguistic Horizons Custom Internships

 Environmental Policy Internship with ELI Abroad

Internships with Studienforum

Dresden Internship Program through Boston University Study Abroad

CIEE Global Internship  

Germany Academic Exchange Service (DAAD) RISE Professional 

Congress-Bundestag Youth Exchange Program (CBYX)

EMIGP Bundestag Internship

Cultural Vistas Internship Program

Steps to find the right Internship

1. Define your goals before you start looking for an internship

This is the first step you should start looking for in internships, you should first conduct a short self-analysis. Here you need to be clear about the direction you want to take and what your career goals are. Just this questions is what you maybe thinking about.

  • What do I need to do to get closer to my dream job?
  • Which industry and which departments do I want to get to know?
  • What are my strengths and weaknesses?
  • What qualifications and skills do I need?
  • Which skills have I already acquired and where do I still need to catch up?
  • What do I expect from an internship? Do I want to expand my skills or my network, for example?

2. Be sure of the conditions for your internship

check  the following questions:

  • Do I want to do a mandatory internship or a voluntary internship?
  • How long do I have for an internship or what is the minimum duration?
  • Do I have to neglect other important things (e.g. studies) for the internship? What are my priorities?
  • What compensation do I expect from an internship? Can I afford an internship financially?
  • Am I looking for internships in a specific location or am I spatially flexible?

3. Search for an internship in a targeted manner

You can find a suitable internship  through:

  • Homepage of a company

  • Online portals:

  • Stepstone
  • schülerpraktikum
  • stellenwerk
  • Jobworld
  • Jobbörse
  • connecticum
  • Industrie- und Handelskammern (IHK)
  • Announcements at the university/college

  • Networking platforms Xing and Linkedin

  • Career Fairs

4. Analyze the job postings

The structure of the job advertisement can already tell you a lot about the internship. Of course, the tasks you will perform during your internship should be described in detail.

5. Check the company to see if it suits you at all

Check the following questions can help you:

  • Does the company’s philosophy match me and my values?
  • What is the company’s public image like? A reputable company naturally reads better on your resume and will also impress recruiters more.
  • What are the requirements for employees of the company and can I meet them?
  • What are the exact fields of work of the company? Can I expand my knowledge and skills there?
  • What are the tasks of the department in which the internship is offered? Can I contribute my strengths there?
  • How big is the company?

6. Apply professionally and carefully

The same rules apply to the internship application as to a normal job:

  • Your documents will consist of a cover letter, a CV in a tabular form, and attachments (e.g. references, certificates).
  • Especially with the cover letter you should make an effort and write exactly why you are interested in the position and why it is worthwhile for your internship employer to select you.
  • Have all documents proofread by another person – a valuable cross-check that your thoughts are coherent, the wording is clear and there are no spelling mistakes.
  • Before uploading or emailing, print everything out and check it carefully yourself.
  • If you send your application by e-mail, combine all documents into one PDF. Make sure not to exceed the specified file size.


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