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Cyprus International University Scholarship for Foreign Students: Apply & Study (Cyprus International University)



International Scholarships are now offered at Cyprus International University located at the Northern part of Cyprus, Turkey (Cyprus International University Scholarship). The scholarships are for deserving trainees with going beyond and impressive academic accomplishment who want to enlist in a degree program at the Institution. Cyprus International University supplies scholastic scholarships for its students as a motivation and incentive for academic success, with the majority of students benefiting from 50%– 100% scholarships or discounted tuition charges.

Cyprus International University Scholarship

Cyprus International University Scholarship Summary

  • Host Nation: Turkey.
  • Category: Undergraduate, Masters, PhD Scholarships.
  • Qualified Countries: All Nations.
  • Reward: Complete & Partial Scholarship.

Summary of the Cyprus International University Scholarship (Cyprus International University Scholarship)

International scholarships, grants or fellowships are offered to students outside the nation where the university is located. These are also called as financial assistance and lot of times the financial aid office of the Cyprus International University handles it.

Cyprus International University scholarships are offered by Cyprus International University to study or research there.

There are numerous Cyprus International University scholarships, internships for international students. Apart from the university-based scholarships, there are lots of other organizations consisting of foundations, trusts, corporates and so on.

Who offer scholarships for global trainees. To assist, we note out the most recent worldwide scholarships, fellowships and grants details.

The Cyprus International University scholarships application is likewise available to use online for the scholarships.

Quick links for Cyprus International University scholarships:.

  • Cyprus International University Bachelors scholarships ( also referred to as
  • Cyprus International University undergraduate scholarships).
  • The Cyprus International University Masters scholarships.
  • Cyprus International University PhD scholarships.

As you see, these Cyprus International University scholarships can be considered numerous degree levels. Check Out Cyprus International University courses/ degree programs used for Cyprus International University bachelors courses (likewise referred to as Cyprus International University undergraduate courses), Cyprus International University Masters courses and even for Cyprus International University PhD courses or research study programs.

Goal and Benefits of CIU Undergraduate Scholarship

Cyprus International University supplies academic scholarships for its trainees as a reward for success, with many students gaining from 50%, 75% or 100% scholarships or marked down tuition costs.

Scholarship Particulars (Cyprus International University Scholarship)

We are committed to advance in academic excellence, sustainable advancement, consistent innovation and developing a varied neighborhood by empowering students to attain lifelong success.

The tactical geopolitical place of the island of Cyprus and its distance to the birthplace of civilization has actually played a crucial role in what Cyprus is today; a very but little global island.

Scholarship Requirements

The following eligibility conditions need to be fulfilled by prospects requesting the scholarships;.

  • Applicants must be global trainees.
  • Trainees admitted into undergraduate and postgraduate degree program.
  • The award is readily available for undergraduate and postgraduate courses used at the University.
  • Based upon impressive academic merit.
  • Students enrolling full-time in the Honours program in the term for which the scholarship is awarded.
  • Candidates should have a High school certificate or equivalent.
  • Candidates should be highly motivated, responsible, and able to work independently in a structured manner and as excellent interpersonal and interaction skill.
  • Applicants must hold an offer for a full-time program at Cyprus International University, Turkey.
  • Application process based upon benefit and evidence of leadership.
  • English Language Requirement: Applicants are required to provide evidence of meeting the Cyprus International University’s minimum English language proficiency requirements.

Scholarship Duration and Reward

  • The Scholarship duration will run between September 2020 and September 2021 for the September set and;.
  • January 2021 to January 2022 for the January set.
  • The scholarship will offer a full tuition cost waiver for the year, plus a stipend of ₤ 8,000 which will be paid over 12 months.
  • Candidates who can proof their refugee status will be considered a priority group, however the University may extend the invite to apply to further applicants.

Required Files (Cyprus International University Scholarship)

To apply, candidates should be ready to submit the following documents;.

  • Completed application form.
  • Higher/Secondary Certificate or equivalents (e.g. O/A’ Level, WAEC/NECO).
  • Proof of English Language competence: TOEFL (65 IBT) or IELTS (5.5 ). Students without these documents will take the CIU English efficiency test on school following arrival.
  • Scanned copy of worldwide passport/birth certificate.
  • Completely completed and signed CIU Guidelines and Regulations file (which can be downloaded during the online application).

Reasons that trainees constantly like to study in Cyprus

Transport at Cyprus International University

Cyprus International University students and staff members can utilize the buses free of charge to circumnavigate the city.

The shuttle service takes a trip through numerous stops en route to the city center and back to the university campus.

The University ring bus service follows 3 different routes in between Nicosia and the CIU school from 7:00 am to 00:15 am.


CIU Transport Unit also collects new trainees from the airport or maritime ports and carry them straight to the CIU campus for free.

Food at Cyprus International University (Cyprus International University Scholarship)

Cyprus International University school canteen provides various meals 3 times a day, dinner, breakfast, and lunch. The dishes consist of but are not limited to, meat, rice, pasta, potatoes, and vegetarian meals.

There are other dining establishments and coffee shops on school where students can discover other ranges of dishes and drinks. Every faculty has an indoor store and sit-out location where trainees can find snacks and coffee in between their lectures.

Trainees are offered various payment alternatives for canteen meals supplied by the university, including a yearly fee for all meals or a pay-per-meal basis.

Lodging Cyprus International University

On Campus Accomodation at Cyprus International University (Cyprus International University Scholarship)

Lodging in Cyprus International University costs in between 160 Euro and 280 Euro monthly on-campus. Nevertheless, students can discover more affordable accommodation off-campus.

The university reserves priority for foreign trainees and brand-new students from other nations, but we encourage that trainees make necessary arrangements with us as early as possible Generally, combination into a new environment and nation is normally much easier when the trainee is on campus.

The school has 10 contemporary dorms, that serves both female and male trainees. With room plan varying in singles, doubles, and more depending on the trainee’s budget plan.


CIU likewise provides fully furnished home types dormitories with a lounge, kitchen, restroom, toilet, and a balcony. Cooking is enabled, for that reason it is not essential to pick the complete package.

Complete homes on campus likewise have the alternative for student sharing wherein trainees can share the apartment or condo with other students too.

Budget Friendly Charges and Tuition

The yearly tuition fee for global students under the basic scholarship plan ranges from EUR2,800 to EUR12,500 depending on the program they pick.

CIU uses an “All-Inclusive Plan” which covers tuition costs, lodging, transport, health insurance, and canteen meals for about EUR 4500 to EUR 9000 each year, depending on the kind of accommodation selected.

The “all-inclusive bundles” are incredibly popular amongst students given that they cover almost whatever a trainee requires for the entire year.

Excellent aspects of Cyprus International University (Cyprus International University Scholarship)

  • Trainees create on with a few of the best profession and expert knowledge, that the school environment provides, and are geared up with adequate resources for today’s world.
  • Cyprus Inter0.n12ational University has actually laboratories geared up with advanced innovation, a computer center, and an extensive resource library.
  • Students take advantage of the ultra-modern facilities and infrastructures available in the institution, with an inclusive community of students who are upwardly mobile and devoted to quality.
  • Cyprus International University also boasts of modern-day architecture specifically its brand-new Science and Tech faculty, built totally with renewable resources and running totally on solar energy, this stands as one of the very best on the island of North Cyprus.
  • Compared to lots of universities within Europe, CIU tuition charges are rather economical and trainees have the opportunity to look for a scholarship.
  • The cost of education at CIU continues to be among the most cost effective even in Cyprus, trainees gain from a high standard of education accessible in lots of western countries at substantially lesser tuition.
  • The university has actually likewise put in a number of steps to make sure that students complete their programs effortlessly with lots of financial aid programs, discounts, tuition waivers, and research study grants.
  • CIU has a varied group of staff both in administrative and scholastic roles with considerable experience, having worked with respected global organizations worldwide.
  • The CIU consultants and speakers come from various parts of the world and have completed their education in some of the very best institutions across the globe.
  • CIU students find out in a close neighborhood of students and teachers who are readily offered on campus, with the benefit of a 10 to 1 student to teacher ratio that promotes a productive environment both in and out of the class.

How to Apply

International potential students can apply to undergraduate and postgraduate programs online utilizing the link below. Please fill in your details properly and upload all the needed files noted on the last page of the application.

As part of the application procedure, interested and qualified prospects are needed to take admission in the bachelor’s degree coursework at the Cyprus International University in Turkey. Afterwards, applicants can proceed to send an online application.

1. Make your research in our university list, and discover what fits you finest. If you could not find the responses, we are here for totally free help
2. Your next action is to fill out the kind and obtain totally free!

3. You will be called within 3 to 5 days in case Scholarships Studio wanted extra info.

4. Getting your conditional approval letter (not final) from Cyprus International University by means of Scholarships Studio. Congratulations, the first steps for the “how to apply to Cyprus International University scholarships” have actually been effectively followed up. Moving on to the actions below.

5. Making a deposit to the university’s checking account (written on the conditional acceptance letter– typically 1000 Euros) in order to get your official approval letter to proceed with the visa application. The payment receipt ought to be submitted to Scholarships Studio to speed up the procedure.

6. Scholarships Studio sends you your authorities approval letter and calls you to follow the actions to go through your visa applications at the nearest embassy.

7. After getting your visa, we would prepare you for setting a travel date and getting you prepared for arrival and complimentary airport pickup.


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