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Become an Irish Citizen through Naturalization: How to get Irish Citizenship [Full Steps] for International Citizens



You might be eligible to become an Irish citizen through naturalization if you are living in the State or if you are residing on the island of Ireland and wed to an Irish person. You might also be qualified to apply for Irish citizenship if you are of Irish descent or have Irish associations * or have actually been resident abroad in the Irish civil service or have been stated to be a refugee or stateless as specified by law.

Become an Irish Citizen through Naturalization

If your application is authorized you will be invited to participate in a citizenship ceremony where you will get a Certificate of Naturalization and make a statement of fidelity to the country and commitment to the State.

End Up Being an Irish Citizen Today

Naturalization is the process through which a foreign national living in Ireland may apply to become an Irish citizen. To get naturalization in Ireland, you must have been physically resident in Ireland for a particular length of time.

You can likewise read about

Citizenship by birth or descent
Citizenship through the Foreign Births Register

All applications to end up being a naturalized Irish citizen are decided by Migration Service Shipment (ISD) on behalf of the Minister for Justice. The Minister has outright discretion as to whether or not to grant naturalization. The Minister considers a variety of info readily available to her in order to make a notified decision on an application for naturalization.

You need to use the most up-to-date versions of the application forms on the Migration Service Shipment website. There is an application cost of EUR175. If your application succeeds, you may need to pay an additional charge up to EUR950 (see ‘Certification fees’ listed below for exceptions to this charge).

Citizenship for partners of Irish people (Become an Irish Citizen through Naturalization)

If you are married to, or in a civil collaboration with, an Irish citizen, you can apply to become an Irish resident by naturalization. You can apply if you live in Ireland or Northern Ireland and satisfy the list below conditions:

You are 18 or over.
You have actually been married for 3 years or more.
You have resided on the island of Ireland for 3 out of the 5 years prior to you make your application (see ‘Determining reckonable home’ below). You should have resided in Ireland or Northern Ireland continually for 12 months before the date of your application.
You intend to reside in Ireland after you have become an Irish resident.
You deal with your partner.
You are of ‘good character’ (see ‘Inspect that you qualify’ below).

Both you and your partner need to finish the statements at the back of Type 8 ( the naturalization kind).

Am I an Irish resident?

If you or your parent were born upon the island of Ireland prior to 2005, you are an Irish citizen. You can obtain an Irish passport without making an application for citizenship.

If you, or your parent, were born upon the island of Ireland on or after 1 January 2005, your right to Irish citizenship depends on:

The moms and dads’ citizenship at the time of the birth
The residency history of one of the parents before the birth

More info on citizenship and getting a passport

This is because of a modification in the legislation handling Irish nationality and citizenship.

What does being an Irish citizen imply? (Become an Irish Citizen through Naturalization)

You are formally identified as a national of Ireland and a citizen of the European Union. You have certain rights. These consist of the right to:

bring an Irish passport
live and work in Ireland and the EU
get consular aid from Irish embassies and consulates abroad

My grandparent was born upon the island of Ireland. Am I an Irish resident?

Yes, you can get Irish citizenship by descent.

In these cases, you can end up being an Irish citizen through Foreign Birth Registration.

As soon as an individual is gone into onto the Foreign Births Register they are an Irish resident and entitled to get an Irish passport.

My parent is an Irish citizen who was not born on the island of Ireland and I was not born upon the island of Ireland. Am I an Irish resident?

Yes, if your parent was an Irish person when you were born. You can request Irish citizenship through the Foreign Birth Register.

As soon as an individual is gone into onto the Foreign Births Register they are an Irish person and entitled to make an application for an Irish passport.

How else do I end up being an Irish Person? (Become an Irish Citizen through Naturalization)

In this Department, we only procedure applications for citizenship through Foreign Births Registration.

The Minister for Justice and Equality is accountable for choosing who is qualified to request Irish citizenship through the naturalization process. Citizenship Department becomes part of Immigration Service Shipment (ISD), Department of Justice and Equality

Documents Required for an Irish Citizenship Application (Become an Irish Citizen through Naturalization)

When you submit your application for Irish citizenship through naturalization, you must attach numerous files, such as:

Application, signed and dated.
Irish citizenship application charge.
Your existing passport, and any other passport you help while in Ireland (originals).
Colored pictures of the biometric pages of all your passports.
Certified copy of your initial birth certificate.
Two colored pictures, which:
Are taken in the last thirty days.
Signed on the back by your witness, verifying they are your photos.
A copy of your present Immigrant Registration Card.
Three various documents proving that you were a local in Ireland for each of the years you lived there. The files should show your name, address, and date of issue.
Mortgage documents, home rental contracts, evidence of tenancy, family expenses, letter of employment etc
Letter from your employer, which states your starting date of employment.
Copies of 3 recent pay slips.
Copies of your P60 or tax statement from the Income Commissioners for every single year you lived in Ireland.
Copies of bank statements for three months in all your banks in Ireland, dated within the last six months.
Proof of marriage/civil partnership to an Irish citizen, if suitable.
Copy of your online residency checker.
Evidence of registration with the Department of Social Protection for a Public Solutions Card (PSC).


This is not an extensive list, and that the files can alter depending on your specific case. Furthermore, the INIS can request for additional documents later, if they see fit.

Irish citizenship through birth or descent

Even if you aren’t currently residing in Ireland, or haven’t lived there previously, you may be entitled to Irish citizenship if you were born in Ireland or if among your moms and dads or grandparents was an Irish person.

Irish citizenship by birth

You can get Irish citizenship by birth if you were born in the island of Ireland. However, the guidelines relating to Irish citizenship by birth vary based on the year you were born.

Irish citizenship by descent (Become an Irish Citizen through Naturalization)

According to Irish law, if one of your parents or grandparents was an Irish person, then you are likewise entitled to your own Irish citizenship even if you were born outside Ireland.

Irish citizenship from your moms and dads

If among your moms and dads is an Irish resident and they were born in Ireland, that makes you an Irish resident automatically, despite where you were born.

You are also entitled to Irish citizenship from one of your parents in the following cases:

If your parent was an Irish person born outside Ireland.
if your parent was an Irish person who acquired their own citizenship through naturalization.

Irish citizenship from your grandparents

You can also get Irish citizenship from your grandparents, even if neither of your moms and dads was born in Ireland.

Types of Application for Minor Kid

if one of the minor’s moms and dads has currently been naturalized (use Form 9).

.If the minor is of Irish descent or has Irish associations (usage Kind 10).

If the minor was born in the State after 1 January 2005, and was not entitled to Irish citizenship at the time of birth, however has actually considering that accumulated 5 years’ reckonable residence (usage Type 11).

Who is Eligible for Irish citizenship through naturalization? (Become an Irish Citizen through Naturalization)

You are eligible to end up being an Irish person through naturalization if:.

At the time of application, you are over 18 years of age.
You mean to keep living in Ireland even after obtaining citizenship.
You have actually collected enough “reckonable house” in Ireland (see below).
You have resided in Ireland continually for the 1 year immediately preceding your application.
You are the spouse or civil partner of an Irish person and:.
You have actually been married/in a civil partnership for three years.
You are cohabiting and have actually been cohabiting for at least 3 years.
You are a legal resident of Ireland (See Ireland Join Family Visa).
You have actually lived in Ireland for a minimum of 3 years out of the last 5 years.

How to Look For Irish Citizenship Through Naturalization?

You need to submit the Irish citizenship application to the Irish Naturalization and Immigration Service (INIS).

There are different application forms which you can download from their site that are specific to your circumstance, such as:.

Type 8: Application for an individual of full age.
Kind 9: Application for a small.
Form 10: Application for a small of Irish descent or with Irish associations.
Kind 11: Application for a minor born in the State who was not entitled to citizenship at birth.

After you finish the application and download, you have to sign it. Nevertheless, you can just sign your application when you are in the presence of somebody who can act as a witness (a Commissioner for Oaths, Peace Commissioner, Notary Public or a Practicing Lawyer). More info on who can work as your witness is readily available on your specific form.

After you sign the application form, you must return it to INIS in addition to all the needed files that are noted on the application form.

The INIS might request for more documents when processing your application, therefore you need to provide them as soon as possible in order for your application to be processed as soon as possible.

You need to pay a processing cost of EUR175 through bank draft to the Secretary General, Department of Justice and Equality.

Within one week of submitting the application, you will be informed if it passed the initial processing phase. After that, the processing time for Irish citizenship applications has to do with 6 months. The processing time till be postponed if more documents are required or you submitted the wrong paperwork.

If your Irish citizenship application is approved, you will be notified by means of an approval letter. You also need to participate in the Citizenship Event and pay the certificate cost:.

For regular applications: EUR 950.
For an application on behalf of a minor: EUR200.
For a widow/widower or enduring civil partner of Irish person: EUR200.

Applications by refugees or stateless persons are free of charge.

You must to start with complete the relevant Application. A list of the pertinent application forms for citizenship applications is consisted of in the following links:.

Foreign Birth Registration Application

If you are apply on the basis Of Irish Origins to be gotten in on the Foreign Birth Register, here is a link to the Application for.


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