Ebonyi State is 24 years old today. Created 1st of October, 1996 by the late Gen. Sani Abacha.

With the little knowledge I have about the state, I want to give my Hero of Ebonyi recognition to His Excellency, Senator Dr. Sam Egwu, the first executive Governor of Ebonyi State (1999-2007).Ebonyi State is 24 years old today. Created 1st of October, 1996 by the late Gen. Sani Abacha.

Dr. Egwu took mantle of the leadership of Ebonyi State when the state was deficient of virtually everything an independent entity should boast for Dr. Egwu having been a university lecturer and Education Commissioner during the military administration of the state, made compulsory education a topmost priority.

Dr. Egwu forced our children to attend primary and secondary schools. He subsidized the tuitions paid in the Ebonyi State University, Ebonyi State College of Education, etc for indigenous students.

He gave foreign scholarships to as many Ebonyi children as possible. He ordered a comprehensive employment of Ebonyi people into civil service spaces and decentralized governance and government in the state so as to capture the needs of the rural dwellers.

Dr. Sam Egwu intentionally allowed civil and public servants in the state to steal as much as they could so as to enable them buy cars, own landed property and develop them.

Dr. Egwu was pained by the poverty toga that characterized the state and went all out to ensure that the condition was rescued at least by one-third.

Everybody smiled when this gentleman was Governor – apart from those who never wanted to smile for whatever reason known to them.

The Ngbo clan of Ohaukwu Local Government Area gave us a legend whose drive for education and human capital development remains unparalleled.

You are a Hero, Your Excellency, Senator Dr. Sam Egwu (Aka Dike Ndigbo). May something like you never escape our grip as we celebrate our 24th year of Independence as a state and as victims of colonial misgivings.

God bless Ebonyi State and our leaders whose primordial interest is about how to make the state a successful one.

Happy birthday, darling Ebonyi State, Salt of the Nigerian clime! Amangwuru village, Ekpelu town, Ikwo LGA of Ebonyi State.

Ebonyi State is 24 years old today. Created 1st of October, 1996 by the late Gen. Sani Abacha.

More political majors about Abacha Era

Nigeria’s default on the troubles of democracy and/or accurate governance and human rights, strained, without a shadow of a doubt, the connection between the usa’s civil society, the global community and the Nigerian kingdom beneath preferred Sani Abacha.

This arose from the enormous annulment, through the Babangida navy regime, of the June 12 1993, presidential election, adjudged through both global and national observers as ‘unfastened and truthful’.

Sequel to this, the Abacha regime which succeeded the disaster-ridden regime of preferred Ibrahim Babangida, after the ‘illegal’ meantime country wide government (ING), positioned Nigeria at the best height of human rights abuse in its political records.

Thischronological analysis highlights, essentially, the disaster of the democratic process and human rights in Nigeria in the course of the Abacha years which in the end led to an extremely tense dating among the U. S . And the international network.

It also lays emphasis on issues of governance and civil-military family members.

A phrase on the chronology:

The flashback into the final lap of the Babangida regime is meant to demonstrate the linkage, in political terms, among the Babangida and Abacha regimes.

If plainly we have unduly highlighted the spate of bomb blasts that have been a habitual decimal of the Abacha technology, it’s far due to the fact that singular phenomenon contributed to heightening political and social insecurity national.

The latter might then be used by government, indeed provided a perfect alibi for Abacha, to run a personalist dictatorship, a muscular and authoritarian authorities, almost in all fabric unique. Worse nevertheless, cases of employed assassinations nearly have become a country wide recurring.

The Police, absolutely beholden, because it was, to successive juntas, became long on guarantees but brief on shipping: neither the assassins nor their sponsors were apprehended.

Mercifully, the Oputa Human Rights Violation and investigation commission in Nigeria (HRVIC) already appeared through many an analyst, because the Nigerian model of the South African truth and Reconciliation commission (TRC),

that started sitting in 2000, has started out to unravel some of the maximum weird killings and attempted assassinations of that grotesque period.

The Abubakar interregnum (June 1998 – may 1999) is blanketed here mainly to signify how hastily electoral democracy, even though seasoned-forma, changed into wound up with the inauguration of the Obasanjo government on 29 might also 1999.

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